Iran beaches: The 18 beautiful and famous beaches in Iran

Iran beaches: The 18 beautiful and famous beaches in Iran

The sea is one of the most amazing phenomena that no one gets tired of seeing. Many people prefer recreation along the Iran beaches to exciting entertainment or sightseeing in crowded places. Naturally, it is not possible to choose the best beach in Iran from among the most attractive places in the north and south. However, we have compiled a list of 18 of the most beautiful beaches in Iran that you will no doubt not get tired of seeing or even reading about.

  1. Marjan (coral) beach

Marjan beach is one of the most famous Iran beaches, which is located on Kish Island, and walking on its golden sands while looking at palm trees will give you a unique peace. Some people even go surfing and boating to enjoy the fun on this very clean beach. The temperature of Kish Island rises very high during the summer, so autumn or even winter is the best time to travel.

woman is diving under water of persian gulf in marjan beach

2. Zeytoon (olive) beach

Zeytoon Beach on Qeshm Island, which is actually part of the Zeytoon Park, with a swimming school for all ages, is a great beach for water sports. The restaurants of this area, which are not few in number, serve different dishes; Like shrimp with turmeric and local spices and drinks made from cloves and dried rose petals. In some restaurants, you can even enjoy live local music while eating dinner and watching the sea.

palm trees in the morning in iran beaches

3. Gisoom beach

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful Iran beaches in the north of the country, be sure to visit Gisoom beach. This beautiful beach, located in Gilan province, is a great place to escape from the bustling city life and many people from all over Iran travel to it during the holidays.

Gisoom Beach is perfect for camping and even water sports, and you can enjoy exciting activities such as jet skiing. If you choose this area for travel, be sure to visit the Gisoom forest. At the end of this forest, you can see “Espi Mazget” meaning “White Mosque” with a thousand years old.

gisoom beach is one of the most interesting iran beaches

4. Bandar Abbas beach

In the south of Iran, another of the most beautiful Iran beaches can be found, the beach of Bandar Abbas; Where walking on its soft sands creates a different experience for you and provides the conditions for children to play and build sandcastles.

The best time to travel to the coast of Bandar Abbas is winter because, at this time, the humidity is greatly reduced and in early December, the water temperature reaches 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). Due to modern hotels and many recreational facilities in this area, some people consider Bandar Abbas beach to be the best beach in Iran.

an evening in bandar abbas beach

5. Kish Ladies Beach

The women’s beach in Kish, known as the “Women’s Beach”, is fundamentally different from the other items on this list: it is for women only, and women can enjoy activities such as sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Beach massage is another hobby that has many fans among travelers because such a thing can not really be found anywhere else in Iran beaches.

6. Rishehr Beach

Rishehr beach in Bushehr is one of the oldest and of course the most beautiful Iran beaches, which thousands of people travel to every year to escape the polluted air and stress of big cities. The region also hosts many foreign travelers, especially the people of Bahrain and Kuwait, and its rocky scenery makes Rishehr Beach a great place for rock climbing.

Here, speedboat fares are also very popular among travelers. Like other beaches in the south of the country, if you want to be safe from the humidity and scorching sun of the south, travel to Rishehr beach in winter. In early December, the water temperature in this area reaches 22 degrees Celsius and you can enjoy sunbathing there.

people are pleasuring in rishehr beach in the south of iran

7. Chamkhaleh Beach

Chamkhaleh is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran in Gilan province and millions of people visit it every year for fun. The interesting thing about this area is the existence of several farms near the sea, which means that while swimming, a beautiful combination of lush farms in the north of the country and the mountains of the Alborz mountain range is placed in front of visitors. According to many, Chamkhaleh is the best beach in Iran in Gilan and due to the special attention of people to this region, you will almost never find Chamkhaleh beach empty of tourists.

oyesters in chamkhaleh beach in iran

8. Astara Sadaf (oyster) beach

Introducing the most beautiful Iran beaches without referring to Sadaf beach is not a favor. This beautiful beach is located 7 km from Astara and has many services and amenities, and for this reason, many people travel to Astara city in Gilan province for fun by the beach. Sadaf Beach is also known by other names such as Dadashabad, Sibli, and Lundville.

oyesters in the astara beach that is one the most beautiful beaches in iran

9. Red Coast of Hormuz Island

If you are on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Iran with more specific options, be sure to visit the Red Coast of Hormuz Island. Unlike other coasts of Iran, the color of the water here is red! In fact, the soil of this area is red and its combination with water and sunlight makes a part of the beach look red.

a local woman in the red soil of hormuz beach in iran

10. Hengam beach

Again the south of Iran and again one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran; The beach When it is not an exaggeration if we call it the best beach in Iran, it always welcomes people who travel to the south of the country and Qeshm Island to watch dolphins.

Hengam Beach is also known as the “Silver Beach” because of the plankton that creates a special view of the sea when the waves reach the shore and the sun shines on them.

colorful tends in the hengam beach in iran

11. Turtles Beach

Let us introduce you to a different case: a very beautiful beach on Qeshm Island that is filled in early spring with turtles coming to the beach to spawn! Turtles Beach, which can undoubtedly be considered one of the most beautiful Iran beaches, before the beginning of spring to June, offers you a unique view of a large number of turtles that you have probably only seen in the movies!

Here, each eagle-nosed turtle, which is, unfortunately, an endangered species, hides a total of 300 eggs on the beach in 20 days and three different stages, and two months later, the baby turtles hatch. This beautiful beach is located 30 km south of Qeshm.

turtles beach in qeshm island in iran

12. Kolbeh (cottage) Hur beach

The beach of Kolbeh Hur is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, which is very popular among tourists due to its special tranquility and very clean environment. This beautiful area is located in the western part of Kish Island and its stunning views at sunset will probably never be erased from your mind.

On the shores of Hur Cottage, a large lantern can also be found, which is spectacular at night. If you are interested in the underwater world, we recommend that you visit this area because the water of the beach of Hur Cottage is so clear that you can see the movement of the aquatic water from the outside.

angel statue in the kolbeh hur beach in kish island in iran

13. ChapakRud Beach

Chapakrud beach in Mazandaran province is one the very popular Iran beaches among tourists and thousands of people come to this area every year for fun. Chapkrud beach is 18 km long and to attract more tourists, Chapkrud beach park has been built in the same area and welcomes interested people with sports equipment, children’s playgrounds, volleyball court, sand soccer field, green space, and many other facilities.

lonely fishing boat in chapakrud beach in iran

14. Banood Beach

The Banood is the name of a pristine and beautiful village 35 km southeast of Assaluyeh, where the roaring seawater and its coastal cliffs give you indescribable peace.

banood beach that one of the most amazing iran beaches

15. Bris beach

The beach of Bris port, 60 km east of Chabahar, is one of these beaches, and watching the Oman Sea from the top of its cliffs will surely be a unique diary for you. In addition, small and large boats can be seen here, fishing and shrimp! To the above, we must add the Martian mountains in the northern part of the sea and the flight of birds, so that if you have not traveled to Chabahar, you will be more eager.

many boats are fishing in bris beach in iran

16. Maryam beach

A beautiful beach with golden and white sands as well as very clean water where hiking can be very enjoyable. The tranquility of this beach and the existence of various recreations such as jet skiing and boating make Maryam Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran.

17. Naz islands beach in the most beautiful Iran beaches

Naz Islands are another wonder of Qeshm that was not well known in the past. The remarkable thing about the Naz islands is that they take their distance from the shore in time of fashion and reconnect to the surrounding shores in the tide. Also, many activities such as camel riding, jet skiing, boating, and paragliding are waiting for tourists who choose the Naz islands for traveling. We recommend that you get enough information about the water tide and its time before having pleasure on the beach of Naz Islands.

camel riding in naz islands beach in iran

18. Darak Beach

We end the list of the most beautiful beaches in Iran with the introduction of Darak beach; Where the sea and the desert meet in stunning scenery, and since there is no garbage, it is also known as the cleanest beach in the country. Darak village is about 170 km away from Chabahar and its beaches are so beautiful that you will never get tired of having fun and watching the sea. Watching the sunrise and sunset from the top of the sand dunes of this region will be a unique diary for you.

darak is a amazing iran beach

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