Persian rug cleaning: 10 tips to clean Persian rug at home

Persian rug cleaning: 10 tips to clean Persian rug at home

Washing soaps and carpet shampoos that are low in alkali are good detergents for rugs. If carpet shampoo is not available, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a liter of water for Persian rug cleaning. Beat it well until it foams. Rub the floor with a net that does not absorb much water on the Persian rug surface and dry with a towel.

  1. Cleaning Persian rugs in homes with common detergents leads to drying and brittleness of wool fibers, because these materials remove strong fats and have strong acidic chemical compounds, and also remove the fat of wool fibers, leading to breakage and leads to baldness on the Persian rug.
  2. If the rug has colored creams that are not stable enough, the colors may merge during washing and brushing. Therefore, in carpet washing workshops, ponds are filled with special materials that put such rugs in them and the color of the fibers. They are relatively fixed for a while. But in any case, sometimes the carpet paints and there is no choice but to paint.
  3. If traditional detergents are used, there is a possibility of impurities in them and they should be carefully rinsed to take care of persian rug.
  4. If rinsing is done in rivers and streams, some minerals such as (coal and lime) may remain in the rug and cause damage to the Persian rug.
  5. To soften, if necessary, softeners can be used during the cleaning Persian rug.
  6. After washing, the rug should be pulled by experienced shovels and its tilt should be removed.
  7. After washing the rug, it should be inspected for borders and roots, and if there are any defects due to washing, it should be repaired.
  8. The rug is usually polished with a small lather after washing. To pay for the cutting and sucking blade, it must be very sharp and if necessary, a machine is used to do this so that the entire surface of the rug is cut evenly.
  9. It is never recommended to pipe after cleaning Persian rug in order to dry it because it will lead to a protrusion in the rug.

Wash Persian rug at home

  • First, spread the rug on a sloping surface and wet the surface thoroughly
  • Then prepare a solution of carpet shampoo and lukewarm water and wash all parts of the rug with a sponge.
  • After finishing, wash the surface of the rug with water so that the detergent is completely removed from the rug.
  • Finally, hang the rug in a dry place or place it on a steep slope so that the moisture in it comes out and dries completely.
  • Avoid hanging or spreading on the grass or using bright and scorching sunlight to dry the Persian rug.
  • Using direct heat from heating devices such as heaters, fireplaces, radiators, etc. to dry the rug will damage the rug.
  • To dry the moisture of a part of the rug, with the help of a sponge, towel or cotton cloth, collect water and then dry the wet part in the sun or with the gentle heat of a hand hair dryer, from behind and on the Persian rug.

Some women are allergic to all kinds of detergents and sometimes even to dishwashing gloves. In these cases, it is better to use salt instead of detergents during Persian rug cleaning such as powders and special shampoos to clean the rug. It is enough to clean the surface of the rug with some Cover with salt. The amount of salt should not be so much that it whitens the surface. Then we leave the rug in the same condition for about 12 hours. Then we clean Persian rug with a damp sponge. The result is excellent and unsightly. If in doubt, you can try.
To make the rug shiny, you can sprinkle some cornstarch on the rug and leave it for an hour. Then vacuum it. It has an amazing effect on the rug. It’s a very important tip for Persian rug cleaning.
You can mix a cup of natural vinegar to keep the color of Persian rugs and rugs constant. Prepare water and apply this solution on the rug with a brush and let it dry. After doing this operation of Persian rug cleaning, the rug will have a special shine.

an iranian couple cleaning persian rug at home by water and soap

Carpet Shampoo for Persian rug cleaning

If carpet shampoo is not available, do not waste time. Dissolve two teaspoons of salt, one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in one liter of water. Stir well to use the foam to clean the Persian rug. This shampoo is also suitable for washing coats.

Stain removal instructions on Persian rug cleaning

Due to the fact that different stains need different methods to disappear, so knowing the type of stain and its origin is very important, so below is a list of common stains and how to remove them. (Numbers are the commands that follow)

  • Before adding any detergent with your nails, remove the substance that has fallen on your Persian rug.
  • Try a cleanser on a small area of ​​your rug to make sure it does not hurt the rug.
  • Do not rub the stained spot as dirt may spread to other parts of your Persian rug.
  • Pour the cleaning agent from the outside of the stain towards it so that the dirt does not reach another point and after doing the work, immediately wipe that point with a wet towel.
  • If you feel that the rug is still wet after drying the washed spot, put a thin towel on the wet spot and place a heavy object on it.

Clean Persian rugs, solutions for special stains

Acid stains: These stains, which may appear even with the addition of some vinegar, require your quick reaction. Immediately pour a small amount of baking soda and water over it and then add a very small amount of dilute ammonia solution and water. Minutes later, rinse the rug and sweep it.

Bloodstain: As much as you can absorb it with a cloth, then mix a teaspoon of detergent with a spoonful of white vinegar and pour some lukewarm water to get a thin liquid, then apply it to the spot and leave it. Dry and gently sweep to clean Persian rug.

Butter stains: Remove as much butter as you can with your hands and then apply a small amount of detergent to the area and let it dry.

Candle liquid stains: Immediately put some ice on the candle water stain because it will freeze the candle and it will be easily removed from the rug.

Chewing gum stains: Quickly cool the candle liquid so that it can be easily removed.

Chocolate and coffee stains: Quickly remove them from the Persian rug and clean them exactly by the method of bloodstains using detergents and water and white vinegar.

Watercolor stain: Immediately put the drying ink on it and heat it with an iron to absorb the stain. Then use detergent and wash it off a few minutes later for Persian rug cleaning.

Fruit stains: clean Persian rug fruit stains are sometimes very difficult. As soon as the fruit falls, remove it and scratch it with your fingernails, then clean the Persian rug in the same way as before, using a mixture of lukewarm water, a little white vinegar, and dilute washing liquid, and then rinse.

Sauce and broth stains: Without touching them to spread more, just use white water, vinegar, and cleansing liquid, then clean the Persian rug and rinse.

If greasy, colorful foods such as chicken broth spill on the Persian rug, immediately pour a bowl of yogurt over it, leave it for a few minutes, and then stain it while removing the yogurt. If some wax is spilled on the carpet or rug, first carefully remove the wax from the carpet, then moisten the stain but do not wipe it, pour a little white alcohol on it. Then wash the area with a special shampoo for the carpet.

Remove grease stains to clean Persian rug

To remove stains from greasy materials such as crayons and materials such as bitumen, first pour some non-greasy solvent that does not dry quickly on some wet cotton and place it gently on the stain. In this way, some of the particles are absorbed by the cotton and dissolved on it. Repeat this until all the stains are gone.

Candle stains on Persian carpets, rugs, and textured surfaces

To Persian rug cleaning, first, remove the hardened paraffin with a sharp object such as a knife or even a nail, then fold the wax paper or a large towel and place it on the paraffin stain. Now set the iron to a warm temperature and move it on the surface of the paper several times. The heat from the iron melts the remaining paraffin between the tissues and absorbs the paper.

Remove old stains to clean Persian rug

To remove old stains left on the rug that you may not have noticed when staining, pour some foam paste on the stain. Then wipe the area with a damp cloth and then clean it with a dry cloth. Cover the stain with a clean cloth and place a heavy object such as a book on it. Whenever the fabric gets wet, change it to remove the moisture from the Persian rug after a while.

Remove cocoa stains, glue, and ice cream from the Persian rug

For cleaning Persian rug cocoa stain, glue, and ice cream stains, first, gently wrap around the desired area so that the stain does not spread more. Then dissolve a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in a cup of water and apply this solution on the area with a soft cotton ball or tissue and gently clean the stain without rubbing it. If you repeat this operation several times, the effect of the spilled material will disappear completely. Then wipe the area with a damp cloth.

Remove colored stains to clean Persian rug

To remove stains from coffee, tea, and dyes such as grape juice, first gently moisten the area with a paper towel or tissue to prevent further penetration of the spilled substance. Then pour some mineral water or soda on it and after a few minutes, wipe the area with a towel. Repeat this until there are no stains on the Persian rug.

Quickly remove stains to Persian rug cleaning

Do not forget that if the stain remains on the rug for more than one or two days, it is recommended, remove the stain as soon as possible with the recommended materials.

Cleaning spice stains from Persian rug

To remove the spice stain, use a little lemon juice and water and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

colorful persian rug cleaning by old brush