Persian rug fringe cleaning: 2 methods for cleaning the fringe of Persian rugs

Persian rug fringe cleaning: 2 methods for cleaning the fringe of Persian rugs

The fringe of the Persian rug usually gets dirty sooner than other parts of the rug, and if they are not clean carefully, you may see them change color and turn yellow after drying. Therefore, during Persian rug fringe cleaning, you must use basic methods. In the following, we will mention the cause of dirty and colored roots of rugs and also the methods of how to wash them.

The first method of Persian rug fringe cleaning

  • In this method, first lay the Persian rug you want to clean on a low and gentle surface
  • Then erect all the fringes of the rug with your hands or a comb
combing fringe of persian rug
erecting fringe of a round persian rug during persian rug fringe cleaning operation
  • Prepare some suitable detergent such as bleach and wash the fringe with it
  • You can also use white vinegar to wash the fringe better. After washing with bleach and water, add some white vinegar and wash again gently
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Rinse the fringe well so that the detergent is thoroughly washed off with water. Then dry them at the end
  • Note that if there is a trace of different colors left on the Persian rug fringe, you can do the last step again so that there are no traces of them and the roots are completely white

The second method of Persian rug fringe cleaning

  • Spread the rug on a sloping surface with a gentle slope
  • Pour water into a bowl
  • Add some carpet shampoo to it and stir to combine
  • You can use dishwashing liquid instead of carpet shampoo
  • Dip a soft washcloth into the resulting mixture and gently rub the fringe with it
  • The last step of Persian rug fringe cleaning is rinse the fringe
  • You can do this until the colors on the roots disappear completely and they turn white

Why does the fringe of the Persian rug change color after cleaning?

After Persian rug fringe cleaning due to the solutions, the fringe turns yellow, so you should be very careful when cleaning. The main reasons for yellowing the fringe of the rug are:

  • If you hang the Persian rug vertically from a high level immediately after washing the rug with shampoo, the chances of the rug fringes getting yellow stained increase
  • If you clean the rug with improper detergent, the fringe of the rug may change color Because some rug cleaners are chemical and acidic, they can be harmful
  • Improper and unprincipled washing of rugs and fringe and not paying attention to their fibers and coloring will also damage the fringe and their color. Their material should be considered during Persian rug fringe cleaning
  • If you use hot water to clean your carpet, you will cause the rug to stain and its fringe to become stained
  • Washing rugs with carpet shampoo without considering the important points of its use and observing the principles related to the detergent is also one of the main reasons for the dyeing of Persian rug fringe
fringe of persian rug ready to cleaning