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3×0.8 Red Persian Runner Rug


Persian Arak rug is a type of Persian rug that is woven in the Arak region. During the Qajar period, Arak was one of the important centers of rug weaving in Iran. The rug industry has been popular in this region for a long time and Farahan rug, Saraband rug, and Sarooq rug have been world-famous.
Rug weaving is the most important industry in Arak, especially Sarooq. In the past, most Sarooq rugs were inspired by the Toranj pattern. One of the important reasons for the attractiveness of Arak rugs is the local characteristics of these rugs and their design.

Persian Arak rug is a medium and high-quality rug in terms of quality and one of the cheap rugs in Iran in terms of price. One of the reasons for the cheapness of the rug is its large texture and weight.
Proper use of wool in Arak rugs has made this beautiful rug does not need expensive silk yarn to become popular. In addition, the carpet is woven with wool made from Iranian sheep, is not hand-painted, and is dyed with skill, which has caused the Persian Arak rug to have a unique radiance and softness that can compete with silk carpets.

Persian runner rug refers to a narrow Persian rug that is designed and woven for use in hallways and stairs. Spreading a suitable rug in the entrance hallway or the hallway between the rooms can help a lot to make the hallway decoration pleasant and feel good, so it is better to pay attention to the following points for choosing the best Persian runner rug.

Persian runner rug: 4 spaces that you can use Persian runner rugs in them


Shape: rectangle

Style: runner

Foundation: 100% cotton

Pile: Wool

Color: 100% natural

Manufacturing: knotted by hand

Thickness: almost 12mm

From Arak, Iran

Additional information

Dimensions 300 × 80 cm


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