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3×2 Persian Ardakan Area Rug


Persian hand-woven rugs are woven in almost all regions of the country, and depending on the climatic conditions of each region, these carpets have their own characteristics in each city or province. These characteristics can be plotted in colordesign, type of material, and raw materials that distinguish the rug of each area from other areas.
Meanwhile, Yazd handmade carpet (Ardakan is one of the cities of Yazd province) is one of the best in Iran in terms of design and quality. But when we look at the art of carpet weaving in Yazd, these beautiful handicrafts are most prominent in Persian Ardakan rugs.

Another unique feature of the Persian Ardakan rug, which makes it one of the best Iranian rugs, is its texture. Experts classify Ardakan handmade carpets without any mistakes in texture and classify them as one of the best in the country.


Shape: rectangle

Style: medium area rug

Foundation: 100% cotton

Pile: 50% silk 50% wool

Color: 100% natural

Manufacturing: knotted by hand

Thickness: almost 12mm

From Ardakan, Iran


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