The 15 most popular Persian dishes

The 15 most popular Persian dishes

Khoreshe Fesenjan (Fesenjan stew)

One of the original Persian dishes is Fesenjan, which is cook with grinded walnut. In Fesenjan stew, chicken or duck is cooked with pomegranate sauce and grinded walnut and creates a great taste. Saffron, pomegranate sauce, grinded walnut, chicken (thigh or fillet), sugar are the constituents of Fesanjan stew.

Zereshk polo ba morgh (Zereshk Polo with Chicken)

Zereshk Polo with Chicken undoubtedly is the most common Persian food in Iranian families. The secret of preparing a delicious Zereshkm Polo is to cook chili barberry, well-watered and colorful, rich in hot onion and saffron. There are two methods for cooking chicken. It has been seen in some recipes that first they cook chicken in water with onions and spices and then fry it. But in another method, the chicken is first dried in a little bit of oil to be reddish, then cooked with onion and other ingredients. Lemon juice, tomato sauce, and saffron are other constituents of this Persian food.

All types of kebabs as Persian Dishes

Iranian the most common kebabs are included meat, chicken, and fish but the variety and methods of cooking are different. There is a list of this kind of Iranian foods(kebabs) below:

– Kubideh Kebab (based on mincemeat)

– Chicken Kebab (Simple or chicken mince)

– Fish fillet Kebab (Trout, Salmon, etc)

– Shrimp Kebab

– Soltani Kebab (Mixed from several type of beefs)

– Bakhtyari Kebab (Ground beef)

– Torsh Kebab (Mixed with grinded walnut, onion, garlic, and pomegranate sauce)

– Chenjeh Kebab (lamb meat)

– Qafqazi Kebab

– Shishlig (Beef ribs)

Khoreshe Qeimeh (Qeimeh stew)

A common stew in iranian food includes potato, meat, tomato sauce, saffron, oil, dried lime, onion, slit peas, etc.

There are many types of Qeimeh stew such as Sibzamini(potatoes), Bademjan(eggplant), Nesar, and bamieh. This persian stew usually serves with salad, rice, and fried potatoes.

Khoreshe Qormeh Sabzi (Stew of Herbs)

One of the very popular Persian dishes in iranian families, you can find Qormeh Sabzi at least one time in Iranian family daily meals in the week. Using herbs in this Persian stew makes it very healthy, some people do not frying so much because they believe the medicinal effects of herbs will go away after frying too much. Like Qeimeh stew, Qormeh sabzi stew often serves with rice, salad, or onion.

 Ingredients of this iranian food are include: Herbs, onions, black lime, etc).



One of the most special and unique Persian dishes is Tahchin. It’s very easy to cook and also very delicious. There are several methods of cook tahchin but the famous one is Tahchin-e Morgh(Chicken) which is very common in Iranian food. Tahchin includes rice, egg, oil, saffron, chicken, onion, butter, etc.

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