Top 10 most popular Persian drinks

Top 10 most popular Persian drinks

In addition to international non-alcoholic (Alcohol is illegal in Iran) drinks like types of coffee or fruit juices that Iranian people drink, there are many unique Persian drinks that we divide into couple categories, Hot and cold drinks.

Hot drinks and teas

Tea is the most common hot drink in Iran. People especially offer this to guests at formal and informal parties, also there are other hot drinks which they call Damnush that is a traditional drink, nowadays these traditional drinks have become common again in Iran community because of medicinal effects.

Popular Damnushes(drinks) mentioned below:

  • Chamomile tea (also called chamomile tea drink) – very useful for skin and upper stomach pain
  • Lemon Beebrush tea – good for make stomach muscles relax
  • Lavender tea – useful for decrease headache)
  • Orange blossom tea – help to body recovery
  • Hibiscus tea – decrease blood pressure and useful for liver diseases
  • Ginger tea plus lemon – improve the immune system and help to lose weight
  • Thyme tea – help to treat cold and hang cough and useful for treat hair loss (except androgenetic alopecia)

Cold Drinks

Persian beverages are very useful for the body and have good taste and people add them to their family’s nutrition basket at a low cost. Today Iranian drinks these natural drinks instead of industrial drinks, also shops sell any types of Persian drinks. Beverages often mix with other ingredients like honey, saffron, or vinegar to obtain the best taste of the beverage.

 Common Persian beverages are:

  • Pussy willow beverage with saffron
  • Lavender beverage
  • Lemon beverage with saffron and honey
  • Sekanjabin (include honey and vinegar)
  • Tokhme Sharbati beverage (with or without honey)
  • Khakshir (Flixweed) beverage
  • Mint beverage

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