Green Persian rug: How to set a Green Persian rug with furniture

Green Persian rug: How to set a Green Persian rug with furniture

This tone of green color is called Persian green because it is used in the Iranian pottery and green Persian rug weaving industry. The green streaks in marble are also a clear example of Persian green. This color was first Persian green in 1892 in England. The #00A693 is a Persian green digital tag.

Green is a popular and national color in Iranian culture. This color is a symbol of gardens, nature, paradise, holiness, and piety. Persian green, like Persian red, has a national identity. The upside color of the flag of Iran is green, which inherently complements and neutralizes the color red. In addition to Persian green and red, Persian blue is another color that has an Iranian national identity.

vintage green persian rug in a room net to green cushions and white sofa

Persian green color in green Persian rug

Green has a calmness of nature, a calmness that will cover all different parts of the house due to the use of this wonderful color. Persian green in green Persian rug has a wide range of colors, including grayish-green, olive green, yellowish-green, jade green, etc, which has specific color tones for every taste. According to studies, green is the most popular color among people after blue, and because this color is more present in nature than other colors, the human eye has the power to recognize green more than other colors.

Among the colors, green is the most pleasing, because the eye does not need to adjust the retina to focus on it. In addition, it creates a positive attitude because of the mental balance it creates in the mind; So if you are looking for a feeling of stability and security in your home, a green Persian rug can be the best option for your house.

persian green rug in a living room arranged by green furnitures

Set up green Persian rug with furniture

Green is very suitable for study rooms due to its high energy and unparalleled comfort. To do this, you can change the library to green or use a green sofa in your study, and while studying Experience unparalleled peace.

Psychologists say that because green is a combination of blue and yellow, it gives you insight, clarity of thought, and confidence. With this in mind, choosing a green Persian rug, in addition to instilling a sense of generosity in the audience, causes peace of mind and concentration, But like all colors, you should be careful about using green, because most people will feel scared and frustrated if there is too much green in an environment. This color is very original in itself and of course, it is so flexible that it goes well with modern decorations.

Green and orange

This combination is more useful for younger people. Orange is a warm and cheerful color and is a good choice to combine with cool green. If you decide to choose a green Persian rug to throw under the feet of the visitors, you should know that this attractive color reduces temper tantrums, but we suggest that you be stingy in using this color and a few cushions, a small wall or an Orange vase will be enough for your house.

Green and navy blue

This combination is one of the most popular color combinations. There is no doubt that the presence of these two colors in your home creates a very eye-catching decoration. A noble and dignified navy blue is a good thing for soothing Persian green color of green Persian rug. However, we suggest that you choose the color of the furniture or one of the walls of your house in navy blue and do not neglect the background color cushions combined with white. Of course, to increase the sense of calm and beauty, houseplants seem very effective.

Green and white

The combination of these two colors is definitely enough so that the interior layout of your home does not disappoint you over time. White is not limited to green and can be used anywhere in your home. This combination definitely conveys a good feeling to you and does not seem repetitive. Your green Persian rug next to the sofa, table, lampshade, and white chandelier will be very charming.

an area green persian rug in a living room arranged by white furnitures

Green and gray

All shades of gray go well with a green Persian rug, but the problem is that green is a family of cool colors, and combining it with neutral, calm gray can make your home look depressing in the long run. To solve this problem, you need to play with warm colors in your home decor; Choose the color of curtains, vases, and even lampshades from the family of warm colors.

green persian rug in the middle of gray sofas

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