Red Persian rug: the 3 main color tones of Persian red in Persian rugs

Red Persian rug: the 3 main color tones of Persian red in Persian rugs

Persian red (English: Persian red or Persian vermilion) is a bright red with orange. This color was first named in 1895 in English, Persian red. Persian red is painted from the clay of the Persian Gulf coast, which contains iron, aluminum, and magnesium oxides. This color is also called artificial vermillion.

Red is one of the common colors used in the flags of Muslim countries and was first used by the Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan in the eighth century AD as a symbol of Islamic countries. Of course, the red color of the Iranian flag has the national meaning and originality of the Iranians. Another Persian color used in the flag of Iran is Persian green. Persian red, Persian green, and Persian blue are national colors and a sign of Iranian identity.

During the reign of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, the background of the Iranian flag was Persian red. Persian red is one of the famous colors in the fashion industry, design and coloring industries in the world, it is also widely used in architecture. Henry Hobson Richardson, the famous American architect, used the Persian red color for the paint execution scenes of the Trinity Church in Boston. The #CC3333 and #D13F31 tags are two Persian red digital tags.

The main use of Persian red color is in pottery in Kerman province and rug weaving throughout Iran; All Iranians know the red Persian rug in mind. This color has been widely used in past tiles.

Persian red color in red Persian rug

Rubia tinctorum root gives a strong coloration of the red family. Rubia tinctorum root has been an old and popular source for dyeing woolen coils. The nomads, who invented sophisticated carpet weaving techniques, used various native and imported plants, insects, and sea creatures to achieve the mesmerizing colors of Persian rugs. Snails, beetles, flowers, and plants, from ground red seeds to dried pomegranates, were used to dye goat and sheep wool and to make carpet weaving. The scarcity of certain color dyes required for some dyes made it very expensive to produce some color dyes and rarely used. With this description, some colors such as red expressed wealth, power, and aristocracy.

Dark red, bright red and pomegranate red are 3 tones of Persian red color that using in red Persian rug weaving.

a red persian rug with trees pattern spread on the floor

Natural dyes in red Persian rug

Dyeing in a natural way is an ancient and attractive art that is more than four thousand years old. Old paints with a color base were made before the twentieth century based on instructions that were passed down from generation to generation. As we said, Ronas was one of the most important factors in dyeing Persian red carpets. Ronas is a common car plant that grows in the Middle East and is the basis of many colors in the red, pink, and purple spectrums. Red worm and its larvae are other sources of red color that live under the oak tree.

Synthetic dyes in red Persian rug

Newer aniline dyes were a more economical way to obtain red dyes than natural dyes, thus speeding up carpet weaving and making orders faster. In addition, chemical dyes could better control the dyes. However, aniline dyes had limited success.

How to set a red Persian carpet with home decoration?

There are many colors that can go well with a red Persian rug. For example, pink can greatly offset the dark red glow, or green, as a complement to red, can create a beautiful, striking look next to a red rug.

Red rugs come in a wide variety of styles and patterns. When deciding on a template, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you want your red Persian rug to be the focal point of the room, you can use a red rug with a lot of patterns and in a large size.

red persian rug spread on the floor next to many other rugs

In this section, in particular, we will examine how to set a red background Persian carpet with some furniture:

Arrange a red Persian rug with crimson furniture

Crimson is one of those colors that goes well with red. Putting crimson furniture and red rug together is a very interesting idea that creates a beautiful view. Of course, you can use white for the curtains to slightly balance the space.

Arrange a red Persian rug with black leather furniture

Use your rug as a centerpiece, then black leather sofas, cream upholstered chairs and white walls will create the desired space. You can make the facade more beautiful and impressive by using small black and white paintings on the wall and a vase.

Arrange red Persian rug with black and white decoration

Two colors, white and black, are one of the most popular and modern combinations in home interior decoration. Black has very high power and on the other hand, white is very calm and soft. Therefore, the combination of these two contrasting colors can create a special harmony in the room; But in this combination, the lack of a sense of passion, warmth, and vitality is quite noticeable, and this is what a red Persian rug can add to the room.

Set up a red Persian rug with gray furniture

We know that the use of red in the room must be done with great care because red has relatively high power. Therefore, using gray as a neutral color can balance the colors in the room and increase the softness of your home.

a red persian rug next to grey furniture and grey decoration

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